A Personal Trainer and Trainerize, Mobile Training App

  For six weeks, I had a trainer provide workouts using the Trainerize mobile app on my Android phone.  I provided all the equipment I have for my home workouts and she uploaded the workouts 3 times a week for 6 weeks.  Trainerize, provides each workout with a short video to demonstrate how to do…

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A Side Hustle Idea with Uber and Uber Eats to Earn Extra Cash

*This post contains an affiliate link. If you click, apply and are approved, I may receive compensation* Are you looking for a side hustle? Uber Side hustles are awesome – they can help you generate extra money to save, invest and pay off your debt.   As a parent, finding the right side hustle that works…

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Post Divorce and Advice Overload

Post-Divorce and What I Learned from Advice This summer brought some downtime and I was able to get away for four days alone.  It was my first solo vacation in eight years.  This eve sounds out of order and not right.  In the llast laeight years, the transition from marriage to separated and finally divorced was a…

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