Fitness Lifestyle: Home Workouts for Four Years

Fitness Lifestyle: Fitness at Home Four Years Later A fitness lifestyle requires commitment. This is the one activity that remains consistent. In four years, I went from working in the office to two years of working from home. When the pandemic created a lockdown it was easy to continue my home workouts. Two years of…

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How I Cut the Cord? How I Removed My Cable Bill?

I finally decided to cut the cord and cancel my cable in September. The cost of cable adds up over time and the additional tax, sports package fee, equipment fees, and service fees make it an unnecessary expense. Wifi is not taxed and only requires a wifi/modem router. What I Learned When I Cut the…

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Home Gym

A Home Gym for Fitness Regimen During Quarantine

*this post contains affiliate links, I will receive a commission if you click and purchase* Fitness at home started two years ago. Since the quarantine started all gyms are closed. A home gym is pretty easy to set-up with the right equipment and a good space. My favorite platform for all my workouts is YouTube….

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