Music Monday: Shelter – John Legend

Music Monday: Nothing’s Real But Love Rebecca Ferguson

Thanks Being Mary Jane for introducing artists!

Entertainment: Power- Starz

I guess after Orange Is The New Black, I had to binge on another show. Well here it is Power, starring Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton.

I am not sure if you know who Omari Hardwick is well if you are a Being Mary Jane fan he was a central character. In Power, he is James “Ghost” St. Patrick who is handsome, ruthless and a power hungry criminal.


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Naturi Naughton, his wife Tasha St. Patrick is his power hungry equal who knows all about her husband’s business yet she doubts his love and his constant desire to be “at the club”. Her loneliness leads her to some questionable behavior. Although she thinks they have everything there is a level of insecurity with the perfect lifestyle.


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I just started watching on Saturday night and have already reached episode 3. The twists and turns are beginning to unravel just as an old classmate from “Ghost”s” past comes into the club. The old classmate is on the other side of the law and has yet to reveal who she is to Ghost. His empire is precious to him however his past may change his entire world. It is worth watching and beware this may create a level of binge watching.

What’s New: Personally by Ani! Consignment Store

Did I ever write how I hate to pay full price for retail items?   A few months ago I wandered into a consignment shop in Ardmore and was thoroughly excited.    The selection of designer shoes, handbags, dresses, blouses, skirts, and evening wear that was reasonably priced.   There was also a gizillion pieces of jewelry to choose from like oversized cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings, and belts.

Yesterday I bought 3 items for $100, a pair of black elastic strap Charles David wedges(look brand new, never worn), a BCBGMaxAzria for under $50 and an off white bubble dress for less than $20.   This dress pairs well with the wedges.   These were truly end of summer great finds.

phonto (28)

phonto (27)

phonto (26)















Check out owner Ani’s Facebook page for new merchandise listings Personally by Ani.K., she is also a personal stylist.

Music Monday: Adele Someone Like You

I am so anxious for her new CD, 23. One of my other favorite artist from UK.

Music: How I Love It So!


Each Monday, I try to include a song that I love to feature on my blog for Monday. It never dawned on me how much music influences your mood. Music has the ability to take you on a charismatic high of emotional release! How did I forget I signed up for Pandora? My hair stylist uses it to infuse her salon with continuous music and except for the advertisements it is a great flow of music. I rediscovered my Pandora and what I love the most is the ability to mix up the music by selecting “stations” by artist. My Pandora speaks volumes about my music taste I have R&B, Pop, Hip Hop all meshed together. Each station allows you listen to the artist songs but also they include other artist music they love.

Pandora allows you to set an alarm to wake to your favorites and this has become a part of my morning routine like a cup of coffee. I now have a consistent use for my Ipad and now with having a tv with wifi I can listen to my Pandora from the tv.


Music is definitely food for the soul!

Music Monday: I Wish I Wasn’t – Heather Headley

Entertainment: Orange Is The New Black- Season 2

I discovered Orange Is The New Black last year. When I I started watching the first episode of Season 1, I was hooked! I subscribed to Netflix about 2 years ago and actually logged in maybe two or three times. Who knew Netflix could offer such a great series? As I started to see more on social media and someone at work suggested I start watching my curiosity got the best of me. It is the type of series that once you tune in you immediately cannot stop watching and waiting for what is next. I think it is tv binging at its finest! I found myself sitting for hours to get to the next episode and the next and the next.

It is amazing to watch Season 2 and connect to all the characters we have grown to love from Season 1 You will get to see what is up for main character Piper Chapman, we learn more about Taystee’s family dynamics before jail, and even with her constant head slapping we still have a like for “Crazy Eyes” and we learn she had a unique upbringing and “Black Cindy” who brings the comedy but there are layers to her past, Where is Alex? is the next question, “Pennsatucky”, do we learn her fate? Season 1 ended with her in a not so good place, “Daya” really irritates me with her ideal of a life with a CO, and poor “Red” she loses her kitchen duty in Season 1, “Mr. Healy is so disturbed and at the end of Season 1 we see how much, “Mr. Caputo, he was a bit strange especially with his crush on the CO who did not share the same feelings, and there are more of course but you have to tune in for your scoop!!!!!

Is there such a word as “binge” watching well here you are I’m hooked!

The funniest thing to happen since Orange Is The New Black, Season 2 has to be people thinking I resemble the actor Samira Wiley, who portrays “Poussey”. What do you think?


Music Monday: Musiq -Halfcrazy

Music Monday- Marsha Ambrosius Far Away