Entertainment: Orange Is The New Black- Season 2

I discovered Orange Is The New Black last year. When I I started watching the first episode of Season 1, I was hooked! I subscribed to Netflix about 2 years ago and actually logged in maybe two or three times. Who knew Netflix could offer such a great series? As I started to see more on social media and someone at work suggested I start watching my curiosity got the best of me. It is the type of series that once you tune in you immediately cannot stop watching and waiting for what is next. I think it is tv binging at its finest! I found myself sitting for hours to get to the next episode and the next and the next.

It is amazing to watch Season 2 and connect to all the characters we have grown to love from Season 1 You will get to see what is up for main character Piper Chapman, we learn more about Taystee’s family dynamics before jail, and even with her constant head slapping we still have a like for “Crazy Eyes” and we learn she had a unique upbringing and “Black Cindy” who brings the comedy but there are layers to her past, Where is Alex? is the next question, “Pennsatucky”, do we learn her fate? Season 1 ended with her in a not so good place, “Daya” really irritates me with her ideal of a life with a CO, and poor “Red” she loses her kitchen duty in Season 1, “Mr. Healy is so disturbed and at the end of Season 1 we see how much, “Mr. Caputo, he was a bit strange especially with his crush on the CO who did not share the same feelings, and there are more of course but you have to tune in for your scoop!!!!!

Is there such a word as “binge” watching well here you are I’m hooked!

The funniest thing to happen since Orange Is The New Black, Season 2 has to be people thinking I resemble the actor Samira Wiley, who portrays “Poussey”. What do you think?


Music Monday: Musiq -Halfcrazy

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Brown Betty Dessert Boutique

Brown Betty is located in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia and another location downtown at Liberty Place. This was my first visit to try the sweet potato cupcake with spiced vanilla buttercream and an extra one to share with my mom. My ladybug selected the red velvet cupcakes with the cream cheese buttercream. I also purchased a vanilla pound cake with chocolate buttercream for my #sweettooth accomplice.

The bakery is named after Elizabeth Ruth Hinton who is called Betty by friends and family.   Her love of baking inspired her daughter, Linda to continue sharing the baking tradition with friends and family.   In 2004, Linda decided to share their baked goods which is how the idea was born.   Linda with a team of bakers and decorators is now able to provide amazing desserts.   The other member of this baking tradition is Norrinda, granddaughter.   She is instrumental with encouraging her mother, Linda to bring their brand to the Philadelphia market.

On the day of my visit, there were cupcakes as well as an assortment of cookies available for purchase.   If you are in the looking for a one of a kind wedding cake or fancy desserts this is the place for you.   You can visit the website for some visual inspiration on why you should try this dessert boutique at  Brown Betty Dessert Boutique.   I also learned all of the cupcakes are based on poundcake recipes.

brown betty (1)


I really enjoyed the sweet potato cupcake with the spiced vanilla buttercream. I assume everyone has their own way of eating a cupcake, some peel the wrapper off first, others dive right into the icing and then into the cake, some cut the cupcake in half and eat each piece.   Well I think this is the perfect way to eat a cupcake. I have provided my before and after pictures, tell me your thoughts!   How do you eat your cupcake?


My ladybug and her red velvet cupcake with cream cheese buttercream.

photo (20)

Just Because: What is My Happy?

I am baffled sometimes by the word “happy” and yes when I hear the word I think of Pharrell’s song and video, “Happy”

It has taken me a little bit to taste a slice of happy, and honestly I think we look for it in the wrong places. My happy is good with being me and not making any apologies for being me.

Music Monday: Sade-Cherish The Day

I missed my opportunity to see her the last time she was on tour in 2011. Sade has been a favorite artist since I was in grade school.

Happy July 4th!


What are your plans? Are you grilling? Favorite desserts? Where do you go for fireworks? This holiday really makes you savor the summer season!!!!!

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