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Mother’s Day: Gifting for the Millennial Mom

Mother’s Day:  GIFTAGRAM- Gifting made simple  for the Millennial Mom What is GIFTAGRAM? Send a gift on-demand anywhere in the US or Canada on your Smartphone or tablet—now sending a gift is as easy as ordering an Uber or Postmates No delivery address required—through a safe and secure process, we do the tedious work for…

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Superwoman: Where Does She Live?

SUPERWOMAN- Where does she live? There are days I feel like I am caught in the middle of a tornado!   I question whether my kids are becoming  ungrateful and inconsiderate brats?   I feel no matter what they receive when they receive it or how they receive it – it is never ENOUGH!  Well, guess…

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Summer Camp: How I Selected the Right Camp?

  As a full-time working mom with a 3rd grader, summer camp is a necessity.    Summer camp is always a challenge in terms of finding a convenient location, before and after care hours, an affordable weekly cost and availability of  financial assistance.    After researching some of the camps offered in the area, the…

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