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Music Monday: I Love Me Some Him Toni Braxton

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Music Monday: Not In That Way – Sam Smith

Teen Chronicles: What I Can Teach My Son


Today I had an interesting conversation with a good friend. The time has gone by so fast we had years to catch up on but of course one conversation is not enough. One thing we did agree on is what to teach our sons.

I am in no way saying I want to take the role of dad but I have learned that I can instill in my son the things that are important to me. Here is my list of things to teach my boy child who is now a teen:

1)There is a reason to put down a toilet seat especially if you are living with females, it is a common courtesy and considerate
2)Opening the door for me and/or his sister before we reach the door
3)Walking on the outside of me and/or his sister if we are walking down a street
4)Opening a car door for a female is not old fashioned it is being a gentleman
5)Learn to be self sufficient, even if that means learning to cook for yourself and doing your own laundry
6)Never disrespect a female in any way  verbally, emotionally or physically

Although I cannot guarantee my son will continue to do these things he can never say I did not teach him what to do.

Music Monday: Stay With Me – Sam Smith ft. Mary J. Blige

Music Monday: Shelter – John Legend

Music Monday: Nothing’s Real But Love Rebecca Ferguson

Thanks Being Mary Jane for introducing artists!

Entertainment: Power- Starz

I guess after Orange Is The New Black, I had to binge on another show. Well here it is Power, starring Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton.

I am not sure if you know who Omari Hardwick is well if you are a Being Mary Jane fan he was a central character. In Power, he is James “Ghost” St. Patrick who is handsome, ruthless and a power hungry criminal.


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Naturi Naughton, his wife Tasha St. Patrick is his power hungry equal who knows all about her husband’s business yet she doubts his love and his constant desire to be “at the club”. Her loneliness leads her to some questionable behavior. Although she thinks they have everything there is a level of insecurity with the perfect lifestyle.


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I just started watching on Saturday night and have already reached episode 3. The twists and turns are beginning to unravel just as an old classmate from “Ghost”s” past comes into the club. The old classmate is on the other side of the law and has yet to reveal who she is to Ghost. His empire is precious to him however his past may change his entire world. It is worth watching and beware this may create a level of binge watching.

What’s New: Personally by Ani! Consignment Store

Did I ever write how I hate to pay full price for retail items?   A few months ago I wandered into a consignment shop in Ardmore and was thoroughly excited.    The selection of designer shoes, handbags, dresses, blouses, skirts, and evening wear that was reasonably priced.   There was also a gizillion pieces of jewelry to choose from like oversized cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings, and belts.

Yesterday I bought 3 items for $100, a pair of black elastic strap Charles David wedges(look brand new, never worn), a BCBGMaxAzria for under $50 and an off white bubble dress for less than $20.   This dress pairs well with the wedges.   These were truly end of summer great finds.

phonto (28)

phonto (27)

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Check out owner Ani’s Facebook page for new merchandise listings Personally by Ani.K., she is also a personal stylist.